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Tile Reroofing in ArizonaReroofing is the installation of a new roof on an existing home or building. If your roof, or the roof of a home you’re considering purchasing, is showing its age and is in poor condition (frequent leaks, excessive broken tile etc.) then you may need to consider a reroof. We also have customers who have chosen to reroof for aesthetic purposes.

Reroofing – What’s Involved?

The process involved in a reroof depends on the roof system in place. We’ve briefly outlined the reroof process below for the most common types of roof system in the Phoenix area.

Please note that if you’re considering changing the type of roof system, removing shingles and installing tile for example, a structural engineer may need to inspect the home to determine whether the existing framing can handle the weight of the new roof system.

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Shingle Reroofing - What's Involved?
Tile Reroofing - What's Involved?
Flat Roof Reroofing - What's Involved?

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